Toru TAKAHASHI – Business Principles, Lifelong Learning & Growth: Insights from Japanese Leadership

Mr. Takahashi serves as CEO of GLOBIS Europe BV and managing director of GLOBIS Corporation, providing leader training programs to corporate clients around the world. He also serves as director of Singapore-based GLOBIS Asia Campus and GLOBIS Thailand. As a corporate training instructor, he provides seminars on a range of topics, including corporate philosophy for overseas expansion, strategy formulation, problem-solving, and leadership through localization.

Prior to joining GLOBIS, he developed overseas businesses with machinery manufacturers at Marubeni Corporation. During his time with Marubeni, he worked on projects from Iran and Belgium.
Mr. Takahashi graduated from Sophia University with a degree in economics, completed the Stanford Executive Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is currently a PhD candidate at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He is the author of “People Who Get Results Overseas Don’t Use Cultural Issues as an Excuse”.

Lucian Claudiu ANGHEL – Sustainable development – from talking to leading by example

Mr. Lucian Anghel holds a PhD in economics and a bachelor’s degree in cybernetics and economics, graduating a postgraduate course at Washington Georgetown University. He has 25 years of experience in the financial-banking field, filling in overtime various management positions such as chief economist, coordinator of the structuring plan for privatization, deputy treasurer, director of strategy, CEO of several institutions such as banks or a pension fund.

He was also a member of the Board of Directors of some asset managers – mutual funds and worked as an external expert for the World Bank. Mr. Anghel was the Chairman of the Bucharest Stock Exchange Board for 8 years. He served as the Chairman of the Audit Committee of Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges. At present, he holds the position of non-executive member of the Board of Directors in some public/listed companies on Bucharest Stock Exchange – TeraPlast and Bittnet Group.

Mr. Lucian Anghel is one of the founders of the Association of Financial-Banking Analysts in Romania, serving as the first President of the Association. Mr. Anghel has an academic background and is teaching at National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA).

He is co-author for several books on banking issues (ie. Banking Liquidity Management, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Economics for everyone and Introduction in Microeconomics) and co-author of more than 100 articles and papers for local and international conferences and specialized magazines, being a member of the editorial board of the scientific journal Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy.
He has recently obtained PG Certificate and Diploma in Board Practice & Directorship – Henley Business School – UK.

Virgil STĂNESCU – High Performance Teams: Dealing with high-performers

Virgil is currently the President of Sports HUB Romania, and the Vicepresident of CEO Clubs Romania. He has been ten years the captain of the Romanian National team and five years he has been named the Best Romanian Basketball Player.
With an impressive career, Virgil played basketball at the highest level in Europe, with appearances in Euroleague, Euro Cup and EuroChallenge. After his sport career, he
remained in basketball taking the role of president of Steaua CSM EximBank team, and was also elected as Vice-President of the Romanian Basketball Federation.
He is a graduate of the University of South Alabama, where he has been recently inducted in the USA’s Hall of Fame. Virgil holds a masters’ degree in Economical European Integration from the University of Arts and Sciences “Gheorghe Cristea” , a masters’ degree in Leadership and Management from Northumbria University (UK), and a coaching degree from the National Coaching School “ANS”.